Teeth Whitening Offer

group of people smilingProfessional tooth whitening should always be done under the guidance of a dentist. There are too many companies offering products which are not safe to use and you may end up harming your teeth and gums by using them. In a controlled situation we can either do in-chair tooth whitening or assist you with take home tooth whitening.

Prior to either of the system, you must first have a Dentist check your teeth and gums to ensure you are suitable for this treatment. We then need to book you in with our Dental Therapist who will professionally clean your teeth and prepare them for the treatment. It is advised to wait at least 1 week after your professional clean.

In-chair tooth whitening – Usually $699 NOW $499

This method gives instant results in the dental chair. It usually takes 4 rounds of 8 minutes per treatment, so expect to be in the chair around 90 mins. Our Dental Therapist will firstly take some moulds of your teeth to make your special trays for your take home kit, she will then block out your gums to protect them from the high concentrate of hydrogen peroxide. Once the gums are protected the gel will be applied to your teeth and an ultra violet light is positioned to activate the tooth whitening gel.

Once the in-chair treatment is complete we will schedule your next appointment to collect your take home kit, to enable you to top up at home.

Take home tooth whitening – Usually $399 NOW $249

This method can achieve the same results as in-chair but will take a little longer to achieve your desired results because we use a lower dosage of hydrogen peroxide. Our Dental Therapist will take some moulds of your teeth to make your special trays. We will then book you an appointment a week later for you to collect your special trays and your tooth whitening gel.
You will place a small amount of hydrogen peroxide gel in the trays and insert them for up to half an hour each day. After you remove the trays you will brush your teeth as normal. You control the whitening so will continue this until you get your desired colour.

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